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Girl Scouts - Superbowl Birthday Party
117 plays

Superbowl Birthday Party by Girl Scouts at double speed.


Small Leaks Sink Ships - Pray For Pills
301 plays

pray for pills by small leaks sink ships at double speed.

modern baseball - your graduation
3,183 plays

your graduation by modern baseball at double speed.

I've been listening to all yalls stuff for ages and it never once occurred to me that you also ran this site haha

that’s whack

Are you in a band? Post a link?

we all play in leaky soups, pat and dustin play in disinterest, cullan does solo stuff, and pat plays in christopher walking

y’all dead yet?

papa roach - last resort (vocals only)
5,543 plays

last resort (vocals only) by papa roach at double speed.

system of a down - b.y.o.b. (vocals only)
7,055 plays

b.y.o.b. (vocals only) by system of a down at double speed.

Two Knights - We are at Max Creed
837 plays




we are at max creed by two knights at double speed.

all of our dreams are coming true. this sounds so much doper than the actual recording. thank you whoever makes these. thank you.

we luv you

reblogged this to the wrong tumblr ooops but yeah <3 <3

we hit audio post limit for the day but y’all are gonna die tomorrow